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Democrats save bucket loads.

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DEMOCRATS MEDIA 05/053 TUESDAY 8 FEBRUARY 2005 SENATOR LYN ALLISON AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS LEADER DEMOCRATS SAVE BUCKET LOADS Nine buckets of water per washing load can now be saved thanks to an Australian Democrats water efficiency initiative passed today in Parliament. Senator Lyn Allison, Democrats Leader said the Coalition Government agreed to the Democrats’ recommendation to rate domestic appliances and fittings according to water efficiency. "This initiative will give consumers the opportunity to choose fittings and appliances according to which products save the most water,” Senator Allison said. Senator Allison said the difference between washing machines can equate to over 135 litres or nine buckets of water per kilo of washing. “We can save significant amounts of water using efficient showers, toilets and dishwashers by setting minimum standards for the majority of household appliances and fittings,” Senator Allison said. “Minister for Environment and Heritage Senator Campbell has today indicated he intends to complete this task by 2007 and the Democrats welcome this decision." Under the legislation, new toilets must use less than 5.5 litres of water per flush. "The Democrats also call for water and energy efficiency in building design, for inclusion of garden watering systems in efficiency ratings, and for governments to move quickly to break the deadlock surrounding the National Water Initiative." The Senate Inquiry into Urban Water Use, instigated and chaired by Senator Allison, made further recommendations on wise water use, many of which are yet to be implemented, and which can be found at Media contact Katrina McGrath 0408 056 167