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Alive and alert! Managing fatigue in transport inquiry.

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The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia

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Correspondence and inquiries Committee secretary House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications, Transport and the Arts Parliament House CANBERRA ACT 2600


28 July 1999

Alive and Alert!

Managing fatigue in transport inquiry


The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications, Transport and the Arts will continue its inquiry into man aging fatigue in transport in Brisbane on Monday 2 August 1999.


Mr Paul Neville MP, Chair of the committee, said:


The inquiry has generated a lot of interest from organisations and the community. This reflects the importance being placed on the issue of fatigue in the transport industry.


To date over 80 submissions have been received from interested individuals and organisations.


The response indicates that people believe fatigue to be a significant problem. However, there are also some very positive initiatives aimed at managing fatigue in the transport industry.


Committee members want to recognise and discuss the positive initiatives being developed and implemented. We also want to identify any shortfalls and recommend to the government how any gaps might be plugged.


In the Brisbane round of public hearings, the committee will be taking evidence from the Australian Marine Pilots Association and Queensland Coastal Pilots Service Pty Ltd. We are interested in how fatigue impacts on marine pilots and what is being done to address the problem of fatigue in this important sector of maritime transport.


The committee welcomes the opportunity to discuss fatigue management initiatives for road transport, which are being tested by Queensland Transport and Nolan’s Interstate Transport.


We will also be hearing about fatigue management problems and initiatives in the rail industry from Queensland Rail and the Australian Federation of Locomotive Employees.


In addition, the Brisbane hearing will give the committee an opportunity to examine evidence from the Australian International Pilots Association.


The committee will also be taking evidence from Ms Bea Pullar, a professional speaker and author who has developed the ‘Drive Alert for Life’ program which has relevance for all members of the community, and Mr Andrew Mulford, a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.


Committee members want to gather evidence from as many sources as possible. We want to recognise and discuss the good work being done in tackling the problem of fatigue and identify any problems that need to be addressed. In this way, we hope to significantly raise the profile of this issue so that it can be tackled effectively and comprehensively.


Ultimately, the whole community is responsible for fatigue in transport and in the general workplace. A major shift in attitude, similar to that which now exists with speed and drink driving, is needed to successfully combat this problem.



The public hearings will be held at:

Conference Room, Level 5

Parliament House Annex

Parliament House

Brisbane Qld 4000

From 1115 to 1730 hours


The committee extends an invitation to all interested members of the public and organisations to come to the public hearing.


The terms of reference for the inquiry are listed below. The public hearing program is attached.


Terms of Reference


In relation to managing fatigue in transport, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications, Transport and the Arts is to inquire into, and report on, the following.


·  Causes of, and contributing factors to, fatigue.


·  Consequences of fatigue in air, sea, road and rail transport.


·  Initiatives in transport addressing the causes and effects of fatigue.


·  Ways of achieving greater responsibility by individuals, companies, and governments to reduce the problems related to fatigue in transport.


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