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Labor going for Canberra's throat, Greens -well- no-one knows.

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Senator Gary Humphries  Liberal Senator for the ACT 

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Families, Housing & Human Services,  Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship  LABOR GOING FOR CANBERRA’S THROAT, GREENS - WELL - NO-ONE KNOWS     Just days after Senator Kate Lundy told Canberrans they would be better off under Labor, it has been revealed that Labor will slash $840 million out of the public service in a way that directly affects our community.     And after the Greens’ plan to cut up to $60 million out of ACT schools has been exposed, the Greens may now have performed a massive about face, but are still touting a policy which will discriminate against Canberra's non-government schools.      It has today been revealed that Labor will:    

• cut IT spending by $447.5 million   • continue the efficiency dividend at 1.25%, saving $390 million     “Small businesses which provide IT support to departments and smaller agencies, and Canberra parents, would all be worse off under a Federal Labor-Green Government,” Senator Humphries said today.     “It’s clear that despite Kate’s promises and all of Kate’s talk, Labor has come out with a vengeance against Canberra. 

   “Canberra has three federal Labor representatives and an ACT Labor Government yet all we get from Labor is broken promises, lies and repeated kicks in the teeth.     “Labor’s just treats Canberra with contempt. For all of Canberra's Labor representation, we have gone backwards.     “Canberra is also under threat from the Greens who are aiming to win the balance of power in the Senate.     “The Greens Schools policy - which is still on their website - was apparently placed on hold in a doorstop interview yesterday.      “But - make no mistake - if the Greens win the balance of power, they will still lobby to change the schools funding model in a way which would strip millions of dollars from Canberra non-government schools.     “The Greens in any position of power are bad news for Canberra.     “Labor is going for Canberra’s throat and the Greens today have no idea what they stand for.     “Canberra deserves better. Canberra needs real local solutions,” Senator Humphries concluded.      6 August 2010   Media contact is Josh Manuatu on 0421 115 365