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Deputy Prime Minister on Science Council.

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Media Release


Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson has today joined the Government's peak science reference group, the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC).

Mr Anderson had written to Prime Minister John Howard, requesting a position on PMSEIC, given its standing in the science and innovation community and its influence on public policy.

Science Minister Peter McGauran today welcomed the appointment as further proof of the Howard Government's determination to vigorously pursue the benefits associated with a highly productive science and innovation sector.

'There are now nine Cabinet Ministers on PMSEIC which is providing the science and engineering representatives with opportunities to exert real influence on the Government decision-making process,' Mr McGauran said.

'PMSEIC will benefit from Mr Anderson’s extensive experience across a broad range of portfolios, not to mention his strong links with rural and regional Australians.'

PMSEIC is currently considering several issues related to sustainability of natural systems and biodiversity, along

Peter McGauran MP, Commonwealth Minister for Science - Media Centre (1 of 2) [16/05/2002 4:05:29]

with sustainable aquaculture and industry competitiveness.

'The Council is a critical forum for the discussion of issues that are vital to Australia's future,' Mr McGauran said.

'The major theme of sustainability through science, engineering and technology has enormous relevance to everyday living. While we embrace the opportunities that research and development can offer, providing for a sustainable economic, social and environmental future remains a core consideration.'

PMSEIC provides independent expert advice to the Federal Government and meets twice a year to discuss items of interest to the science community. Along with providing Cabinet members with an opportunity to learn about the nation's scientific, innovative and technological needs and challenges, it has a key role in policy development.

'Among other policies, the Prime Minister has acknowledged the Council's work led to the development of the $3 billion "Backing Australia’s Ability" program in 2001,' Mr McGauran concluded.

The next meeting of PMSEIC is on May 31. Cabinet members of PMSEIC are: Prime Minister John Howard; Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson; Treasurer Peter Costello; Senator Richard Alston; Dr David Kemp; Warren Truss; Dr Brendan Nelson; Senator Kay Patterson and Ian Macfarlane.

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Peter McGauran MP, Commonwealth Minister for Science - Media Centre (2 of 2) [16/05/2002 4:05:29]