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Australia leads the race to the bottom on climate change.

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7 November 2006

Australia leads the race to the bottom on climate change

Senator Milne, Friday, 3rd November 2006

The Australian Greens today condemned the Howard government for undermining a long-standing international agreement protecting the world's oceans by leading the charge to allow the dumping of carbon dioxide.

Greens climate change spokesperson Senator Christine Milne said the decision in London to amend the London Protocol to permit sub-sea geosequestration was a global backwards step.

"The Australian government has undermined the London Protocol as part of its drive to give legitimacy to an experimental technology which it favours over safe, tested and sustainable energy options," Senator Milne said.

"Does anyone seriously expect there to be accountability if carbon dioxide leaks into the ocean? Who will monitor this? Even if an independent body did detect leakage, how would we cost the damage to the oceans and who would be liable?

"These are fundamental questions that need to be addressed before any further experiments into geosequestration take place.

"Geosequestration is the last gasp of the fossil fuels industry. It is a business-as-usual strategy for coal and oil."

Senator Milne also criticised the Australian government's complaint to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change over the reporting of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions.

"In all international negotiations, the Australian government's attitude is belligerent. The fact is that Australia's emissions in transport and energy are increasing at a rapid rate and the rest of the world should be acquainted with that fact," she said.

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