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$1 million for local government development - and more to come [SA]

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Media Release

Senator the Hon. Ian Macdonald

Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government


5 March 1999 

M21/99 SA





More than $1million has been allocated to projects for
local government development Federal Local Government Minister, Ian Macdonald, announced today while addressing a meeting of the Local Government Association of Queensland.

State and Territory Local Government Associations and organisations will receive Commonwealth funding of $1,055,000 to carry out a number of specific projects under the Local Government Development Programme. South Australian Councils will benefit from around $170,000 of that funding.

"The Commonwealth Government acknowledges that local government is critical to service delivery at the local level particularly in the regions," Senator Macdonald said.

"The Local Government Development Fund aims to enhance equitable delivery of service, at Local Government level, by supporting specific training, development and management projects."

South Australian Liberal Senator, Alan Ferguson, welcomed the funding announcement of $50,000 for a South Australian project that will help improve delivery of Local Government services to Aboriginal and Islander communities.

"This specific project, plus the additional benefits South Australian councils will get from nationwide programmes, are about helping Local Authorities to help their ratepayers more efficiently," Senator Ferguson said.

This round of funding is specifically for Local Government Associations and State Government Departments to provide broader statewide development and training projects. (Approved projects attached).

"This funding helps local government’s contribution to delivery of economic, environmental and social infrastructure necessary to maximise the economic and social potential of the regions", Senator Macdonald said.

Senator Macdonald said that in addition to the current grants exceeding $1 million, he would be announcing a further allocation of up to $2 million towards projects providing benefits for rural and regional councils in the coming weeks.


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ATTACHMENT - Local Government Development Programme

Category Two - State Department and Local Government Association Approved Projects



Project title

Brief project description

Funding 98/99

Aust Wide

Australian Local Government Association (ALGA)

National Local Government Research and Development Programme - Expa nding ALGA’s Internet Site.

Expanding ALGA’s Internet site (the Australian Local Government Electronic Information Strategy - ALGIN), particularly in relation to national transport initiatives, including the implementation of the mass limits, the Australian road rules and accessible transport standards and to promote a regional approach to developing transport infrastructure.


Aust Wide


National Local Government Research and Development Programme - Expanding NSW LGSA’s Internet Site.

Broaden t he focus of NSW Local Government Shires and Association’s Internet site Towards Best Practice nationally


Aust Wide


National Local Government Research and Development Programme - Asset Management.

Building on ALGA initiatives in the area of a sset management for local government. The project will draw on the successes of councils in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania that have demonstrated local government’s future liability for the maintenance of existing infrastructure.



ACT Chief Minist er's Department and ALGA

Australian Capital Region Agricultural Strategy

This project aims to assist the Australian Capital Region's social and economic development through the identification of strategies to enhance the region's agricultural and food processing industries development and exporting potential



LGAssociation of NT and State Government - Local Government Office

Key Performance Indicator Framework for Tasmanian Local Government

The development of a comprehensive framework to suppl y the structure and system for the identification, establishment and operation of KPIs by Tasmanian councils, whilst providing practical tools to measure and compare results against agreed performance outcomes and best practice standards. The project is consistent with the Industry Commission Framework as agreed by the Local Government Ministers’ Conference.



Local Government Association of Queensland

Management of a Queensland Resource Exchange Register

To appoint a full time Resource Exchang e Register Manager. Resource Exchange Registers provides a match-making service for resources, in that they have effective resource use and waste minimisation as their key goals.



Queensland Department of Emergency Services (to be managed by LG AQ)

Disaster Mitigation

Build capacity in councils to enable them to identify risk and better assess disaster mitigation requirements of their community. Also, to raise awareness among elected representatives of the real cost of disasters to their community and appreciate that prevention can be facilitated through better use of the counter disaster and land use planning arrangements.



Vic Office of Local, Government and MAV

Development of an Organisational Assessment Tool (to score the performa nce of the management system) for Local Government

The development of an organisational assessment model to enable councils to examine their performance against a number of key elements identified as underpinning effective management practices, using the Australian Quality Council’s ‘Framework for Excellence’



NT Housing and Local Government and LGANT

Implementation of Microeconomic Reforms in the Northern Territory

Extending performance measurement to remote councils and developing a best prac tice programme to disseminate information in road construction and maintenance, waste management and community administration and leadership.



Office of Local Government, Department of Industry and Trade and Local Government Association of Sou th Australia Inc

Striving for Best Practice- Encouraging a Stronger Focus on Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Reconciliation

To facilitate a local government review in South Australia and to develop a framework for best practice to improve delivery of local government services to Aboriginal and Islander communities



Western Australian Municipal Association

Aboriginal Liaison

To further the good working relationship between Aboriginal community and LGA's, including n ative title issues.



Institute of Municipal Engineering Australia (to be managed by NSW LG Shires Association

Procedures for Best Practice in the Maintenance of Bridge Assets

This project aims to raise the efficiency and reliability of bridge maintenance practices of local government to increase operational effectiveness and lower costs