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Jandakot airport master plan.

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Media Release

John Anderson

Deputy Prime Minister

Minister for Transport and Regional Services





30th November 1999


The Minister for Transport and Regional Services, John Anderson, has rejected the draft master p lan for Jandakot Airport on environmental grounds.


“I consider the effect of the Master Plan, in particular the proposed fourth runway, would be environmentally unacceptable, both within the airport site and in the areas surrounding the Airport,” Mr Anderson said.


“The proposal to build a fourth runway (12R/30L) is inconsistent with the environmental protection and conservation importance of the southern part of the airport. It is high conservation value Banksia woodland, and is on the interim list of the Register of the National Estate.


'There are other significant and unacceptable environmental risks associated with the fourth runway proposal, which would impact on drinking water supply and habitat.


“I recognise that Jandakot Airport has put a great deal of work into the draft master plan, and while the fourth runway proposal presents a vision which is technically possible, it would be environmentally irresponsible for me to approve it,” Mr Anderson said.


Each operator of a leased Federal airport, such as Jandakot Airport, is required to submit a master plan for Government approval. The Airport now has 180 days to revise the Plan and resubmit it for the Government’s consideration.



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