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PM must rule out military threat against Iran.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria Australian Democrats spokesperson for Prime Minister & Cabinet

Dated: 14 August 2005 Press Release Number: 406 Portfolio: Prime Minister & Cabinet Related: Defence & Veterans

PM must rule out military threat against Iran

Australian Democrats leader Lyn Allison has said that the Prime Minister Howard should follow the German Chancellor's lead and rule out any involvement of Australia in military force against Iran.

"The latest comments on Iran by George Bush, should concern all Australians who do not want this nation to again take part in a pre-emptive strike and get involved in a drawn out and destructive conflict," Senator Allison said.

"The Prime Minister involved Australia in an illegal and avoidable war with Iraq and could do it again with Iran.

"John Howard should tell the Australian people that this time he will not follow America if they use military force against Iran. He certainly should not do it again without parliamentary consent."

"War should not be the prerogative of the Prime Minister," Senator Allison said. "The Prime Minister should not have the power to send our troops to war without the support of the United Nations, the Australian Parliament or the Australian people and without the Governor-General needing to authorise the decision."

"The Howard Government was the first in our history to go to war without the support of the Parliament."

The Democrats have introduced legislation that would take the power to go to war out of the hands of the Cabinet and place it with both houses of Parliament.

"Besides the obvious objections to war, Australia's involvement in another war with a predominately Muslim population would almost certainly increase the risk of a terrorist attack against Australia," Senator Allison said.

"There are other peaceful options that should be fully exhausted, and if nations stand united on pursuing these options, solutions can be found. Remember there were no weapons of mass

destruction in Iraq," Senator Allison concluded.