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The truth on public schools: only $4 per students per year extra.

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Michael Lee - The Truth On Public Schools: Only $4 Per Student Per Year Extra Wednesday, 06 June 2001

The Truth On Public Schools: Only $4 Per Student Per Year Extra Michael Lee - Shadow Minister for Education

Media Statement - 5 June 2001

Yesterday the Education Minister, Dr Kemp, claimed that public schools would get "an estimated $238 million" from the 2001 Budget.

The truth is that government school students will only get a pathetic $4 per student per year.

This compares with more than $1,000 per student per year for the wealthy Category 1 private schools -like King's and Geelong Grammar.

Dr Kemp's "estimated $238 million" includes:

$144 million because he has finally abolished the Enrolment Benchmark Adjustment and will no longer rip money out of government schools as he has for the last three years; ●

$34 million so that Labor's Jobs Pathway Program is simply "maintained" at its current level [BP2, p96]; and ●

$27 million which he claims for literacy but which the Budget shows as zero cost. [BP2, p94] ●

When these fudges and fiddles are removed, public schools get an extra $33 million over four years - less than $4 per student per year.

Dr Kemp's new system will give his old school, Melbourne's Scotch College, an extra $576 per student.

Dr Kemp should explain why Scotch College is almost 150 times more deserving than government schools.

He should also explain why the average Category 1 private school gets over $1,000 per student extra while the poorest Category 12 private schools get less than one-fifth of that - $182 extra. Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.

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