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Liberal and Labor join forces to inflict more tunnel madness on Brisbane.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Andrew Bartlett Deputy Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Queensland Australian Democrats spokesperson for Environment & Animal Welfare

Dated: 09 October 2006 Press Release Number: xotacaib Portfolio: Environment & Animal Welfare Related: Transport

Liberal and Labor Join Forces to Inflict More Tunnel Madness on Brisbane

The announcement by the Premier and the Lord Mayor giving the 'green light' to the so-called Airport Link tunnel has been condemned by the Queensland Democrats as both a tragedy and a travesty.

Queensland Democrat Senator Andrew Bartlett said "at a time when the threat of climate change is finally starting to receive wider recognition, it is disgraceful for the two major parties to combine to build major new projects that will encourage private car usage."

"It is simply dishonest to state that the Airport Link will 'cut traffic'. It will undoubtedly lead to many more cars on the road and much more greenhouse causing carbon emissions.

"This so-called 'Airport Link' doesn't even go to the airport, but rather will funnel thousands more cars onto the already overloaded East-West Arterial next to Toombul Shoppingtown.

"It is also totally unacceptable that the tunnel 'ventilation outlets' will be unfiltered, meaning the people in the inner north of Brisbane will cop three concentrated emission stacks spewing unfiltered exhaust fumes over their schools and parks.

"We have already seen from Sydney's experience how much the emission levels and costings are distorted by governments.

"While the busway is a reasonable idea, to lock it in with the so-called Airport Link is tying a reasonable idea to an appalling one.

"The inner north-side community managed to resist these destructive projects a number of times before, with proposed freeways and bypasses stopped due to community opposition.

"However, this time the combined might of Liberal and Labor, Council and State, Lord Mayor and Premier, have conspired to make the whole thing a fait accompli, and the local community just has to cop it.

"If there is money to spend on major road infrastructure projects, it should be spent where it is needed, which is on the Ipswich Motorway travelling into Brisbane from the west," Senator Bartlett concluded.