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Federal Government guarantees no premature introduction of greenhouse gas emissions trading.

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4 September 2000            00/380 

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GUARANTEES NO PREMATURE INTRODUCTION OF GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS TRADING  "The Commonwealth will not prematurely introduce a mandatory greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme," Commonwealth Industry, Science and Resources Minister, Senator Nick Minchin, said today. 

Senator Minchin was answering concerns raised in an Allen Consulting report to the Victorian Government. The Allen Report warned that a domestic emissions trading scheme could cause massive falls in economic growth, slash thousands of jobs and lead to the relocation offshore of major industries such as aluminium processing. 

"The Allen Report completely vindicates our stance on greenhouse gas emissions trading," Senator Minchin said.

"The Commonwealth Government has unequivocally stated that it will not introduce a compulsory greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme until some very precise preconditions have been met." 

"First, that Australia has ratified the Kyoto Protocol, second, that the Protocol has come into force and third, that there is an established international emissions trading scheme," Senator Minchin said. 

"We have given very firm commitments to industry that, while we intend to fulfil our Kyoto commitments, we are not prepared to sacrifice the

competitiveness of Australian industry. 

"We have made the strongest possible statements that before we go ahead with any major greenhouse policy actions we will consult fully with industry, we will make the measures as cost effective as possible and we will look after Australian industry's competitiveness," Senator Minchin said. 

"We can't afford to throw away Australian jobs, businesses and opportunities through premature or ill-considered actions."   

Contact: Carolyn Coleman, Senator Minchin's office, 02 62777580


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