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Minister says: regional unis research funding winners.

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Peter Andren MP - Independent Member for Calare

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18 October 2002

Minister Says: Regional Unis Research Funding Winners

The Minister for Education, Science and Training gave his assurance that regional universities would be the winners from the Government’s $2.77B research fund, according to Member for Calare Peter Andren.

This reassurance came in response to a question about research funding for regional universities in Parliament yesterday from Tony Windsor, the Independent Member for New England.

“The Minister said there is $2.77 billion available for higher education research this year and that nothing will be done to undermine the role of research at regional unis,” Mr Andren said.

“He went on to say in his review of higher education in this country, particularly in relation to research, regionally based universities will be ‘significant winners’.

“Mr Nelson spoke about the role that research plays in driving our economic and social development and that the Government is determined to see it do just that for regional communities.

“Our unis are already getting the raw end of the funding deal and their share has declined compared to the big ‘8’ city based universities.

“The Minister plans to have two Australian unis in the world’s top 20 which I believed was a recipe for directing scarce resources for research to the chosen two at the expense of others, especially in the regions.

“His assurance gives some hope that the Crossroads review will not lead to regional unis becoming the poor cousins of higher education in Australia.

“I look forward to seeing this assurance transferred into research dollars and policy good sense for our regional unis like Charles Sturt and Sydney University at Orange,” Mr Andren added.

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