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Sharing the noise at Sydney Airport.

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Media Release


John Anderson

Minister for Transport and Regional Services


11 February 1999




The Minister for Transport and Regional Services, John Anderson, has asked Airservices Australia to install new equipm ent that will increase the use of the east-west runway at Sydney Airport.


Airservices will now install an instrument landing system (ILS) at the eastern end of the runway. An ILS is an electronic system that guides aircraft onto the runway in poor weather conditions.


Mr Anderson said: “The new ILS will help Airservices Australia meet the Government’s objective of sharing the noise associated with Sydney Airport.


“Airservices will be able to increase the number of aircraft landing from the east in marginal weather conditions because more pilots will agree to use the runway. In those conditions, Airservices will be able to remain in what is known as mode 5 for longer, rather than switching to the parallel runways.


“The new ILS will also have safety benefits. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has concluded that it will increase the safety of the airport, because it will reduce the workload of the pilots using the runway.


“The new ILS is another achievement in the Government’s policy of sharing the noise associated with Sydney Airport. The policy has reduced the number of aircraft movements to the north of the airport by about 40 per cent, compared to the situation under the previous Labor Government.


Mr Anderson also said that Airservices Australia would not commence landings from the north using the new Precision Radar Monitor (PRM) system without stringent environmental assessment and detailed consideration by Brendan Nelson’s Sydney Airport Community Forum.



Further information: Minister’s office 06 6277 7680; 0407 701 034