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Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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ATSIC Commissioner Colin Dillon is seeking legal advice on an article which appeared in Murdoch newspapers today alleging he had obtained a taxpayer funded home loan from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Commission.


Commissioner Dillon, Australia's most senior ranking indigenous officer, said the articles were “plain wrong in fact and vicious in intent.”


“They are riddled with inaccuracy and innuendo,” he added. "I'm disgusted that any major Australian newspaper would let this type of rubbish be printed without carefully checking the facts.


“The facts are that I have never applied for, or received any type of loan from ATSIC.”


Commissioner Dillon said he'd let each individual Commissioner named in the stories speak on their individual circumstances should they choose to do so, but he was aware none had received a loan since becoming a Commissioner.


Also, the home loans referred to in the stories were not as reported, funded by Australian taxpayers.


The ATSIC home Ownership programme is self funding.


Commissioner Dillon said he hoped there was no connection between the appearance of the officials today and a request from the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Senator John Herron's office to ATSIC last week seeking details of the purported loans.


For further comment: Commissioner Dillon's Office: Yvette Teoh 07 32344288