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Terrorism kits returned to sender with interest.

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Kerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales


Terrorism Kits Returned to Sender with interest.

Senator Kerry Nettle today delivered to the Prime Ministers residence a sample of the hundreds of his anti-terrorism kits that have been returned to Greens MPs and presented him with a fridge magnet with serious advice on how to deal with terrorism.

“People have been returning these kits in there thousands, but Australia Post have not been forwarding them to the PM, as a result The Greens have collected a sample to deliver to the PM today.

“People are angry about the use of tax dollars for what is perceived as fear mongering and political propaganda. Many have written on their kits, expressing this anger. The Prime Minister would do well to read these messages.

“The Australian people feel patronised by these kits, which send a message of fear that undermines the fabric of multicultural Australia.

“Its obvious that pursuing a peaceful solution to the Iraqi situation would be the greatest contribution the PM could make to the fight against terrorism.

“A commitment to international legal institutions, vigorous support and advocacy for global human rights standards, and an active role in achieving a just peace in the Middle East are the kind of positive steps that this Government ought to adopt in the struggle against terrorism.

“These kits are simply an insidious political stunt played on the Australian people at their own massive expense.

“The fatuous advice found on the PM’s fridge magnet is indicative of the lack of imagination shown by the Government on this issue.

The Greens have produced an alternative fridge magnet with some meaningful advice for the PM on how we should address the threat of terrorism. (PDF available)

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