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Randall outraged over WA minister's deviation on Mandurah bypass.

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Federal Member for Canning, Don Randall was outraged to learn that WA Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, the Hon Alannah MacTiernan had approached the Federal Government for further funding to start construction of the Peel Deviation/Perth-Bunbury Highway.

Minister for Local Government Territories and Roads, the Hon Jim Lloyd confirmed to Mr Randall that Ms MacTiernan recently indicated the WA State Government would seek extra funding to ensure that the deviation was fully built.

Despite the Federal Government’s funding commitment of $170 million, Ms MacTiernan has advised that the State Government is formulating a proposal to only partially construct the Peel Deviation.

“I am absolutely appalled by Ms MacTiernan’s actions. Once again, the people of the Peel region in particular, the south-west and whole of Western Australia suffer as a consequence of her own, and this State Governments mismanagement and ineptitude.

“Due to its manifest inability to contain costs and its obsessive focus on the Perth to Mandurah railway, the State Government has now approaching the Federal Government for further funding to commence this project.

“The aim of building the Peel Deviation was to direct traffic flow away from the City of Mandurah and provide an uninterrupted flow of traffic to the south-west region. Partially building the infrastructure will do nothing to address the current transport malaise or bring the planned benefits to the people of the Peel Region. Such a proposal will only further exacerbate the current traffic snarls.

“In addition to the very generous GST Bonus payments the WA State Government has announced a projected $1 billion surplus. I am therefore at a loss to understand the need for Ms MacTiernan’s approach to the Federal Government for further funds.

“I have written to Minister Lloyd, previous Minister for Local Government Territories and Roads, Senator the Hon Ian Campbell who originally committed the Auslink funding and the Prime Minister, the Hon John Howard, expressing my dismay over this recent request. I strongly urge they maintain their resolve in the

face of the State Governments ludicrous preposition and insist that Federal funding only be provided for construction of the entire proposed Peel Deviation and not a partial build of this crucial infrastructure.” Mr Randall said.