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The facts show Labor's Coast Guard is a con.

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MEDIA RELEASE The Hon. Peter Reith, MP Minister for Defence


28 Aug 2001 MIN 325/01




The Opposition spokesman for Defence, Stephen Martin, has issued a media release saying:

"The unprecedented number of boat people arriving at Christmas Island indicates the absolute necessity for an Australian Coast guard to be implemented."

Stephen Martin - Media Release, August 27, 2001

Last week - in the face of similar claims by Kim Beazley - I informed the House that the Australian Coastwatch service currently intercepts 98.6% of suspected illegal arrivals to this country.

Labor knows its $2 billion plan for a US style Coast Guard is simply not backed by the facts.

The Shadow spokesman for Immigration, Con Sciacca, even admitted on Melbourne radio yesterday that Labor’s US style Coast Guard would not turn suspected illegal immigrants away.

"Steve Price: So you’d send them back?

Con Sciacca: Well no, no."

Steve Price Program - 3AW Melbourne, August 27, 2001

Stephen Martin and Kim Beazley need to explain how a $2 billion US style Coast Guard will "stop people smuggling rackets", as claimed by Stephen Martin, when Coastwatch already intercepts almost 100% of suspected illegals.

If the Labor party was serious about illegal immigration it would stop blocking the Government’s legislation designed to stop illegal immigrants who have had their claims denied appealing through the courts at great cost to the Australian community.




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