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Coalition resorts to lies over pensions.

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Wayne Swan - Coalition Resorts To Lies Over Pensions Wednesday, 21 March 2001

Coalition Resorts To Lies Over Pensions Wayne Swan - Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services

Media Statement - 20 March 2001

Scrambling to put some sort of positive spin on its clawback policy that will see 2% subtracted from the pension increase today, the Coalition has resorted to lying about the adequacy of pensions under not just Labor, but also itself.

First, there is the matter of the GST - Minister Vanstone couldn't bring herself to even mention the three letter word in her press release today.


No single policy by any Government has had such a savage impact on the weekly budget of pensioners and other low-income earners.

The pension clawback aside, what compensation Mr Howard gave with one hand is being snatched back with the other.

Essentials like electricity (up 10.9%), gas (up 12.5%), telephone (up 8.1%), and now even things like prescription medicines (up 6%) - have swallowed up Mr Howard's pitiful pension compensation and more.

To make matters worse, the CPI that indexes pensions has not captured the price hikes actually experienced by pensioners - meaning they are falling further behind.

Finally, Minister Vanstone claimed Labor had no commitment to ensure pensions never fell below 25% of Male Total Average Weekly Earnings - an outright lie.

We'll stand by our record compared to the Coalition any day. But at the end of the day John Howard doesn't need Labor to point out that pensions are worth less under his stewardship. If he actually bothered to wind down the window of the prime-ministerial


limousine he might hear real pensioners telling him.


Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.

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