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Road toll continues to tumble.

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16 March 1998





The Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Development, Mark Vaile, today said he was delighted to announce there were 37 fewer deaths on Australia's roads to the end of February this year, compa red with the same period last year.


Releasing the Federal Office of Road Safety (FORS) Road Fatalities Australia Monthly Bulletin, Mr. Vaile said the national road toll to the end of February was 268 compared with 305 in 1997.


"These figures show the action we have taken on Road Safety since coming to office is helping save Australian lives. I salute all those motorists taking greater care on our roads," Mr. Vaile said.


The Minister said the police, the community and road safety authorities across the nation all deserve some of the credit for the strong downward trend in the roads toll which has already reduced to the level of the 1950's - even though the Australian population has doubled since then.


"The Coalition Government is enormously proud of the public's support and involvement in our national Road Black Spot program which allows motorists and pedestrians to identify those places most deserving of immediate funding action in the interests of road safety."


"So far more than $72 million dollars has been spent eradicating the most dangerous stretches of our roads through this scheme and the next round of improvements is soon to begin," the Minister said.


"The Coalition's achievements in just two years of Government stand in marked contrast to Labor's 'deficit of inaction' throughout 13 long years in the drivers seat," Mr. Vaile said.



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