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Democrats call on ALP to help dump CASA regulation.

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Senator Brian Greig Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Transport

Press Release Dated: 31 Oct 2000

Press Release Number: 00/667 Portfolio: Transport 

Democrats call on ALP to help dump CASA regulation The Australian Democrats are calling on the Labor Party to support their motion to disallow Civil Aviation Regulation Number 47 which defines the owner of an aircraft as the person who controls the airworthiness and maintenance of the aircraft.

Under the proposed Civil Aviation Regulation Number 47, the person who has paid for and bought the aircraft would not hold its registration. This could pave the way for a legal nightmare as there is no other legal process in place to determine who owns an aircraft.

Democrats’ Transport spokesperson, Senator Brian Greig, says the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) request for aircraft owners to transfer their Certificate of Registration, is a heavy-handed approach to a relatively simple administrative problem.

“For example, if a flying school or maintenance organisation controls the maintenance of the aircraft, then CASA wants the Certificate of Registration to be in that name. Many aircraft owners hire their aircraft to commercial operations such as flying schools, and rely on the Certificate of Registration as their only proof of ownership,” Senator Greig said..

“The equivalent would be an individual or organisation hiring a car and, at the same time, being given the Registration papers to the vehicle made out in their own name. Clearly this is untenable.”

Many aircraft owners only became aware of the change in regulation when they received a letter from CASA instructing the transfer of documentation. (See attached copy letter.)

The Democrats have given notice to the Senate of their intention to seek disallowance of this regulation.

“We have taken action over this matter because we believe CASA is using a sledge hammer to crack a walnut,” Senator Greig said.

CASA's letter to the aircraft owners says, in part; 'there have been too many incidents in which vital safety information (such as Air Worthiness Directives) has not been passed on by the Certificate of

Registration holder, to the person controlling the airworthiness and maintenance of an aircraft.

However Senator Greig says he fails to see why CASA cannot resolve this in a better way.

“All aircraft used by commercial operators are individually identified on the organisation's Air Operators Certificate. CASA should simply amend its records to identify where each aircraft is used commercially,” Senator Greig said.

The motion will be moved by Senator Greig in the Senate on the 8 November. With ALP support the Democrats will succeed in overturning this regulation.


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