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Kalgoorlie has its say on Centrelink services.

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Senator the Hon Chris Ellison Minister for Human Services

Media Release Kalgoorlie has its say on Centrelink services 3 September 2007

Western Australian Senator, and Minister for Human Services, Senator Chris Ellison was in Kalgoorlie today to hear feedback from local Kalgoorlie organisations and businesses which will further enhance Centrelink’s customer service in the region.

Senator Ellison thanked the community for taking part in today’s “Have Your Say” forum at the Kalgoorlie Centrelink office.

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to speak with local organisations about their interaction with Centrelink,” he said.

“In particular, the Kalgoorlie Customer Service Centre is working to improve services to the local Indigenous community. Centrelink recognises the assistance our remote customers need, with Centrelink Agents and Access Points available in many local communities.

“Centrelink also has regular contact with Job Network members, training groups, non-government organisations, as well as allied health professionals through our Job Capacity Assessment process,” Senator Ellison said.

“While Centrelink has always been responsive to the needs of customers, there is always room for improvement.

“As the Minister for Human Services, I’m committed to ensuring Centrelink communicates effectively with both its customers and the community.

“As part of that commitment, I’d like to announce that Centrelink will soon have its own Indigenous radio programme, Footsteps on Air.

“Footsteps on Air will provide the latest information about Centrelink’s payments and services and will profile positive stories about Indigenous Australians and how they’re working with Centrelink.

“The program will air fortnightly, from October, on the National Indigenous Radio Service and will be broadcast through more than 130 Indigenous radio stations around Australia.

“I invite you all to tune in to this new initiative.”

Senator Ellison said as part of the Welfare to Work changes introduced last July, Centrelink has been working with the Kalgoorlie community to support and assist job seekers, particularly parents and Indigenous customers who may live in remote areas and need extra support.

Senator Ellison said Centrelink is a vital part of the Australian community, noting that it delivers more than $63 billion in social security payments to around 6.5 million customers

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