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Keeping the suppliers honest.

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Senator Andrew Murray Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Small Business

Press Release Dated: 8 Feb 2001 Press Release Number: 01/65 Portfolio: Small Business Related: Accountability

KEEPING THE SUPPLIERS HONEST Australian Democrats’ spokesperson on small business, Senator Andrew Murray, was today successful in initiating an ACCC investigation into whether suppliers to major retailers and independent wholesalers are acting fairly.

“During the inquiry by the Joint Select Committee on the Retailing Sector in 1999, concerns were raised by independent wholesalers and banner groups that they weren’t able to obtain goods on as favourable terms as the major retailers - Woolworths, Coles, Franklins - even when they were purchasing similar quantities. This became known as the ‘like terms for like customers’ issue,” Senator Murray said.

“The Joint Select Committee recommended that a mandatory retailing industry code of conduct be drafted by the ACCC and that that code of conduct should address the principle of ‘like terms for like customers’. That recommendation was not adopted by the Government and for that reason it was necessary for me to request the ACCC to commence this investigation.

“A copy of the Notice of Motion passed by the Senate this morning is attached.

“I thank the Labor Party and Senator Harradine for their support for the motion. I hope that the ultimate outcome is stronger competition resulting from fair trading terms between the suppliers, wholesalers, major retailers, banner groups and independent retailers in the grocery retailing sector,” he concluded.


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