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Coalition hedging on Howard's promise to restore sports funding.

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Coalition Hedging On Howard's Promise To Restore Sports Funding Kate Lundy - Shadow Minister for Sport

Media Statement - 23 November 2000

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The Coalition appears to be hedging on a promise by Prime Minister Howard to restore the funding base to Olympic sports cut in the last budget, the Shadow Minister for Sport, Senator Kate Lundy, said today.

Mr Howard, when asked on ABC radio on 2 October about his promise to increase funding to Olympic sport, pledged that:

There will be some more [funding] over and above what was allocated in the last Budget, yes. ●

However, at a senate estimates hearing today, the Government was unable to provide any details as to when this alleged restoration of funding will occur.

Senator Minchin, the Minister representing Sports Minister Jackie Kelly at senate estimates, said that a decision would be made "in due course" when "all will be revealed".

"It is apparent that the Coalition is in no hurry to honour the Prime Minister's promise to restore certainty to the sporting community", Senator Lundy said.

"As the Coalition slashed $16 million from sport at the last budget, national sporting organisations and athletes were eagerly anticipating Mr Howard's promise to restore funding.

"Mr Howard used the post-Olympic euphoria to make his announcement about funding increases, but it is now obvious that there was no substance behind his rhetoric.

"Once again, Mr Howard's commitment is a 'non-core' promise," said Senator Lundy.

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.