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Government must come clean on ethanol.

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Alan Griffin Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection Craig Emerson MP Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry and Trade

13 March 2003


Media reporting that Cabinet is about to consider a mandate of ethanol in petrol raises disturbing questions. This will reportedly cost $150 million per year, yet there is no evidence of the Government imposing a 10% cap to protect motorists.

Minister Macfarlane must clarify the situation immediately to reassure motorists.

The Government has been arguing for years that they have not set a 10% limit because there was insufficient scientific evidence to support it. This is despite the overwhelming body of opinion from car manufacturers, motorist groups, oil refiners, consumer groups and bureaucrats.

Now Cabinet is about to consider the ethanol question again without this supposedly vital research. Alternatively, if the research has been received, why hasn’t it been released?

The real question that motorists are asking is why isn’t a 10% limit on the Cabinet agenda?

Minister Macfarlane has a duty to come clean with the motoring public and provide full answers to these questions immediately.

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