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Gillard says Labor "didn't end up delivering".

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Media Release

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The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP Shadow Minister for Finance and Debt Reduction Federal Member for Goldstein

Friday 6 August 2010


Julia Gillard has confirmed what families struggling with the cost of living have known for three years: Labor didn‟t deliver what they promised.

On 3AW this morning when asked about cost of living pressures and the promises made by Labor during the 2007 election campaign, Julia Gillard stated:

“Well, what we’ve done on cost of living, yeah, you know. There were some things ah, fuel watch and other things that we didn’t end up delivering.”

Julia Gillard has flagged that families can‟t believe what Labor promises in 2010 because she „didn‟t end up delivering‟ the promises from the 2007 campaign.

This admission from Julia Gillard is proof families can‟t trust Labor to deliver on its promises.

Labor simply can‟t be trusted because they can‟t deliver.

Instead of simply admitting Labor failed to deliver, Julia Gillard should be apologising to the Australian public.

In the same interview Julia Gillard claimed - in reference to continued Labor infighting, leaks and Kevin Rudd; “it‟s not about us”, despite telling The Daily Telegraph on Monday in reference to the campaign that; “it‟s about me”.

If Julia Gillard doesn‟t know what this election campaign is about, how does she expect the Australian public to trust her with their future?

The Coalition have a strong message to Australian families: we will end the waste, repay the debt, stop the new taxes and stop the boats.

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