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Liberals comprehensively out point Labor on debate coverage.

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Media Release

Monday, 26 July


Last night the Liberal Party comprehensively outpointed Labor in its use of social media during the debate.

Using both Twitter and live blog commentary on its campaign website the Liberal Party maintained a lively real time commentary on the debate as it unfolded.

CHQ spokesman, Andrew Robb, ran commentary on both Twitter and the Party’s website.

He posted 30 Tweets, an average of one every two minutes, which spread through the twitterverse. According to Trendsmap he was one of the top tweeters on the debate.

It enlivened the Twitter debate with both positive and negative responses with the positive marginally leading the negative.

Below is a sample of the responses

VictoriaSugarPF : @AndrewRobbMP Totally agreed. Gillard was pathetic...and Tony did really well.

Polliwatch : RT @AndrewRobbMP : Australia deserves to be told the truth about JG's involvement in the execution of Kevin Rudd's Prime Ministership #debate

Correllio @AndrewRobbMP Thanks for tweeting the debate

wunchn @AndrewRobbMP agree. She was a disgrace, wouldn't answer a question.

basby76 @AndrewRobbMP Tony went well tonight, I get the feeling if the polls improve (lets hope they do) for Tony, Julia will want more debates!

AtkinsonPaul @AndrewRobbMP I agree! Go Tony and best of luck for the rest of the campaign, Andrew!

pquodling @AndrewRobbMP #debate And why is Laurie Oakes not on the panel and why isn't she answering his questions

Blondie1759 @AndrewRobbMP Most Australians know exactly what she did was unAustralian web

jamestduncan @AndrewRobbMP Julia Gillard is flat out lying every time she opens her mouth about the Liberal Party's industrial relations policies

JordanForPM @AndrewRobbMP Tony is doing very well in the debate.

pschofie @AndrewRobbMP totally agree TA has won now you just need to nail the election

@AndrewRobbMP Remember who promised those Tax Cuts that JG just took credit for? Yep Howard and Costello.....bit rich isn't it

Tweetreader1 @AndrewRobbMP here here!!

Media Release

pschofie @AndrewRobbMP great job keep it up

The live blog commentary utilising Cover it Live on the Liberal Party website ran simultaneously with the Twitter commentary.

Posting more thirty six comments the Cover it Live site gave a greater depth of commentary than was available via Twitter.

Robb called the debate as a win for Tony Abbott on Cover it Live at 7.10pm, an assessment which commentators agreed with in the post debate analysis.

The two mediums served the public well by informing them instantly of errors made by Ms Gillard.

Labor did not match the co-ordinated electronic engagement and debate analysis.

Media Contact: Kate Walshe, 0411 472 299

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