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Gunns 20 get Wielangta fund overflows.

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Bob Brown

Gunns 20 get Wielangta fund overflows

Media Release | Spokesperson Bob Brown

Monday 20th July 2009, 4:55pm

The group helping to arrange the legal defence of citizens being sued by Gunns Ltd

in the ‘Gunns 20' case have received $85,000 excess from Senator Bob Brown's

appeal last month.

When Senator Brown made public that Forestry Tasmania demanded $240,000 in

court costs from the Wielangta Forest case be paid by 29 June, the amount was

donated within 3 days. Senator Brown committed excess funds to Australian forest

campaigns, including to cover legal costs.

"I expect most of the $85,000 will help defray the Gunns 20 costs but have asked the

group to help other defenders of forests involved in litigation."

With donations continuing to arrive, Senator Brown said he would also use some for

current forest campaigns.

Yesterday, Senator Brown joined a large group of family and friends for a memorial

in Tasmania's Weld Valley for prominent forest campaigner, Ben Morrow, 34, who

died two weeks ago of a prolonged illness in Newcastle, NSW.

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