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The Torres Strait have joined the ShopSmart campaign.

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Senator Sue Boyce Queensland

Electorate Office: Level 9, 301 Coronation Drive, Milton, Qld

Telephone: (07) 3510 3100 Facsimile: (07) 3510 3111



The Torres Strait have joined the ShopSmart campaign

Senator for Queensland, Senator Sue Boyce has welcomed the Torres Strait islands into her ShopSmart initiative.

The November figures for ShopSmart are due out today, and will include prices from the Torres Strait.

“I welcome the Torres Strait to ShopSmart, and thank the Torres Strait Regional Authority for joining ShopSmart to highlight the very high cost of living in the Torres Strait,” Senator Boyce said.

“The Chairperson of the TSRA, John Kris said in a letter to me, ‘we thank you for launching the ShopSmart initiative and for highlighting to the Australian Government and broader community the hardship that people in the Torres Strait face in accessing affordable food’.

Senator Boyce requested an inquiry into the cost of living in the Torres Strait, and “this and many other issues will be addressed when the Senate Select Committee on Regional and Remote Indigenous Communities, hold an inquiry into the Torres Strait, in the middle of next year.”

“I started ShopSmart six months ago using volunteer ‘shoppers’, so Queenslanders could get a sense of prices in their local areas. ShopSmart gives last week’s prices and the website includes a lot of other tips and advice on saving money.

“This month, an independent retailer again came out on top, with the IGA at Rochedale the cheapest for the second month in a row, however prices have remained steady. The average basket price for November was $64.54.

“The Rudd Government has spent $13 million on Grocery Choice without offering any useful information to people. For instance, a basket of goods on Grocery Choice costs just as much in Cairns and Mt Isa, as it does in Thursday Island.

“The people of the Torres Strait will tell you that is impossible, and ShopSmart will tell you that their groceries cost an extra $23 more than Cairns prices.

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