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The facts on Labor's "over-funded" schools.

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Media Release


22 April 2004 MIN 682/04

As part of a record $31.3 billion school funding announcement on 11 March this year, the Australian Government released details of the funding increases it will provide to every Independent, state government and Catholic systemic school over the next four years.

Today the Australian Government is releasing further information that details recurrent funding, for each of the 2652 Catholic and Independent schools, each year until 2008.

This information released today provides unprecedented transparency in school funding and certainty for schools and parents, allowing them to properly plan for the future educational needs of their children.

Teacher Unions, in concert with the Labor Party, have waged a deceptive campaign claiming that students attending higher fee schools receive the greatest amount of Australian Government funding. The facts revealed today clearly show that the reverse is true.

Last week, Mark Latham claimed that these schools are ‘over-funded’.

“We’ll be taking money off the over-funded schools like the Kings School and Trinity Grammar...”

“We’ve mentioned a few schools on the east coast, the obvious over-funded schools.”

Mark Latham, ABC Perth Radio, 13/04/2004

However, the data released today shows that students attending Trinity attracted $2,106 of Australian Government funding last year. This would mean that Trinity Grammar is ranked 2,523rd (out of a total of 2,652 Catholic and Independent schools) in terms of the amount of Australian Government funding its students receive.

Mark Latham and his education spokesperson, Jenny Macklin, have regularly attacked non-government schools that they believe are ‘over-funded’. This data exposes Labor as having

been ignorant at best - misleading at worst.

Examples of schools Labor defines as ‘over’funded’ and their per capita funding rankings:

If Mark Latham believes that there are schools that are ‘over-funded’, the parents of 1.1 million Catholic and Independent school children deserve to know which ones will have their funding taken away by a Labor Government. These families deserve certainty and it is time that Labor stopped treating them as a political football.

The funding data is available at


Media Contact: Dr Brendan Nelson’s Office: Yaron Finkelstein 0414 927 663

Non Government schools that Labor identifies as overfunded School rank in terms of Aust Govt funding per student

(Lowest funded school is ranked 2,652nd )

Aust Govt funding per student 2003

Cranbrook School (NSW) 2635th $1,239

Sydney Grammar (NSW) 2622nd $1,447

Scotch College (Vic) 2586th $1,713

Seymour College (SA) 2579th $1,744

St Peter’s College (SA) 2562nd $1,842

The Kings School (NSW) 2548th $1,905

Hale School (WA) 2536th $1,978

Trinity Grammar (NSW) 2523rd $2,106

Geelong Grammar (Vic) 2490th $2,298

Average Aust Govt funding of non-government schools

na $3,508

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