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The Coalition's Plan for Recovery.

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The Hon Bob Baldwin MP Federal Member for Paterson 14 May 2009


“On Tuesday night the Government’s Budget should have laid out a foundation for recovery and growth,” Member for Paterson, Bob Baldwin MP said today.

“Australia should have had a Budget that marked a path out of this downturn, offering confidence and hope for a better future.”

“Instead Australians saw a Budget that delivered the same old Labor cocktail of higher debt, higher unemployment and higher deficits.”

“A Budget which confirmed that Australians are now paying the price for Labor’s reckless spending.”

“The Treasurer was so ashamed he could not bring himself, in a speech of 30 minutes, to even mention the $58 billion deficit he had created himself.”

“And he could not utter the words ‘$188 billion of net debt - the highest in our history - double the record under Paul Keating’.”

“That’s $9,000 for every man, woman and child in Australia.”

“Tonight Malcolm Turnbull delivered the Coalition’s Plan for Recovery. A plan that will promote recovery in Paterson,” said Mr Baldwin.

Our Plan for Recovery is based on four key principles:

The protection and creation of jobs for all Australians. Government should not incur one dollar more in debt than necessary. Spending should be targeted at creating jobs and building economic infrastructure. Private enterprise and small business must be supported as the drivers of economic growth.

“The Plan for Recovery puts forward measures that are practical, pragmatic and job-focused and that would greatly assist the economy in this difficult period.”

The Coalition’s Plan for Recovery includes:

Tax loss carryback for businesses which make operating losses this year or next year. Fairer rules to deal with troubled businesses. Cutting red tape and making it easier to do business with Government.

Helping employers provide training for the recovery.

“The Coalition will also establish an independent Commission for Sustainable Finances and a Parliamentary Budget Office to help restore Australia’s finances, which Labor has lost control of.”

“None of the savings measures in Labor’s Budget will make, by themselves, a material difference to the deficit. This deficit is already too big and the Coalition does not want to make it bigger.”

“But there is one savings measure in this Budget which we will oppose - the changes to the private health insurance rebate that are just the latest phase in Labor’s unrelenting war against private health insurance.”

“Labor hates private health insurance. Labor hates it because it encourages self-reliance and because it offers choice. Never was an election promise given more emphatically and then broken so brazenly,” said Mr Baldwin.

“This broken promise will be a direct hit on the family budget of at least 1.7 million Australians and indirectly will result in higher premiums for all Australians - including those on very low incomes - and put even greater pressure on our public hospitals.”

“The Coalition has also put forward a suggestion of a suitable offset that would make for a healthier Australia and lessen the burden on public hospitals rather than increase it.”

“The Government could comfortably afford to retain the current private health insurance rebate without any cost to the published Budget outcome by increasing the amount of excise collected on tobacco, the single most preventible cause of ill health and death in Australia, by 12.5 per cent (or about three cents extra per cigarette),” concluded Mr Baldwin.

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