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Swan claims NBN is magic bullet for Labor's congestion crisis.

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Media Release

Authorised and printed by Brian Loughnane for the Liberal Party of Australia Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Sts BARTON ACT 2600

The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP Shadow Minister for Finance and Debt Reduction Federal Member for Goldstein Wednesday 11 August 2010


Treasurer Wayne Swan’s desperation is reaching fever pitch, as he claims Labor’s $43 Billion NBN will fix traffic congestion in Sydney.

Wayne Swan was quizzed by John Stanley and Sandy Aloisi about the need for infrastructure upgrades - which successive State Labor Governments have neglected - and whether there would be money for them in the Swan’s bottomless budget.

STANLEY: But doesn’t that mean that for a few years there’ll be no prospect, the money isn’t there to do any of those things?

SWAN: Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that, because if we can get our economy growing, we have the capacity to invest in infrastructure as we go forward. We have a big infrastructure agenda, that’s what the NBN is. It is absolutely fundamental to increasing the efficiency of business, particularly...

STANLEY: But you know in Sydney people want trains and roads?

SWAN: Yeah, well of course they do, but they also [want] fast broadband, because in many, many areas they’d like to work from home. That’s all a very important part of the equation; and I know that when you get to some suburbs in Sydney, which are relatively close to the city, they don’t necessarily have the high-speed broadband that they require. Don’t underestimate the importance of that. I’m... That doesn’t demean the importance of what you’re raising, but if you’re talking about a fundamental reform for the whole of our economy, nothing could be more important than the NBN, which the Coalition want to rip up.

Wayne Swan is delusional if he thinks the NBN will ease Sydney’s traffic and public transport woes. Only a Coalition Government will end the waste and reckless spending on white elephant projects like the NBN. The Coalition is standing up for real action on infrastructure investment.

Media Contact: Cameron Hill, 0408 239 521