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MGH's proposed retrenchments - talks with Unions

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JOINT STATEMENT by the* Acting Pr into Minister , ‘ Jr. J.F. Cairns and the President of the Australian Council of Trade Un i r.ns,

Mr. R.J.L. Hawke.

Officials of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Vehicle builders Employees Federation, The Federated Ironworkers

Association, the Australasian Society of Engineers, The Federated Engine Drivers and Firemen *s Association, the Federated clerks Union, the Amalgamated Metal Workers Union, the Electrical Trades ·

Union and the Federated storemen and* Packers Onion mot the Acting Prime Minister, Dr. J.F. Cairns, in Sydney yesterday,

··â– ' ' . , · . \ .

Dr. Cairns said a full and useful interchange of views had taken .

plage about the proposed retrenchments by General Motors-Holden. .

Dr, Cairns reported on the discussions he. had last week with , CM-if management and on the attitude of the Government to GM-H ‘s · threats of: retrenchments. . ,

The union representatives stated what they considered would be i ’ necessary to avoid retrenchments. -

s · ' · .* · - · . ·

It was agreed that following" the further discussions between the · Deputy Prime Minister and GM-H management on 22 January there would be another meeting with the union officials to consider appropr:ate action to prevent retrenchments. This meeting has been set. down for

24 January. -

Mr. Hawke, on behalf of the Trade Union Movement, stated that"the Trade Union Movement would not accept any CM-U action to bring

about retrenchments should assistance be given to the Company by > the Government which the Government believed would bo reasonably « · i

appropriate to avoid retrenchments. . ■

. V

Mr. Hawke and Dr. Cairns said the Unions and the Government"had ' I agreed that the unions would be fully consulted on the matter of possible assistance to be given to GM-If♦ . · .

it. v/as agreed that GM-H had profited tremendously

Australian community in recent years and that the from the Compa ny should

be expected to maintain its workforce for the brief perjod that it would take for the Government stimulatorily measures to have etfect. Sydney, 13th January