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Rudd Government has 'Gold' green opportunity in Southeast Australian forests: Brown.

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Bob Brown 

Australian Greens Leader 

Rudd Government has ‘Gold' Green Opportunity in Southeast Australian Forests: Brown

Media Release | Spokesperson Bob Brown

Sunday 16th May 2010, 2:33pm

In the run to the federal election, the Rudd government has a golden opportunity to protect the contentious

native forests of south-east Australia, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"Just as Gallop Labor made the monumental decision in 2004 to create 29 forest national parks in Western

Australia, so the time is ripe for the great forests of Tasmania, Victoria and South East New South Wales to

be protected," Senator Brown said.

"Meanwhile the logging industry can exploit the current 1.5 million hectares of plantation stock.

"The industry is crumbling. As predicted for decades, it cannot compete with the "wall of wood" from

millions of hectares of foreign eucalypt plantations.

"Future forest jobs are in tourism, education and recreation.

"The national government should seize the day."