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Government in breach with baby bonus.

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Senator Sue Boyce Liberal - Queensland

Electorate Office: Level 9, 301 Coronation Drive, Milton, Qld

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Government in breach with Baby Bonus

The Rudd Government must extend the cut-off date for the Baby Bonus to at least March 2009, Senator Sue Boyce, Liberal Senator for Queensland, said today.

“Before the election, Labor told women they would not be changing the Baby Bonus, but Treasurer Wayne Swan announced means testing of the baby bonus from January 1, 2009.

“Swan has clearly breached a social contract with women who believed Labor and went ahead with a pregnancy. The means test cuts in 33 weeks after the Budget.

“This affects all women who were in the early stages of pregnancy on Budget night. Whether they earn $75,001 or $1 million they have been lied to,” Senator Boyce said.

"Women inquiring about the status of the baby bonus during the election campaign were told by the ALP: ‘We have no plans to make any other changes to the way the Baby Bonus is structured, either in terms of eligibility or payment methods’.

“Now that the Labor Government has been found to have lied to the public, Minister Macklin and the nine other women in the Rudd Ministry should show a minimum of decency towards Australian women and change the means testing

date, so current expectant mothers are not disadvantaged.

“If you are going to implement a change in policy, then at least have the decency to give the Australian people some notice of it, and for pregnant women, that would mean at least nine months notice, so that informed choices can be made,” Senator Boyce said.


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