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New Protective Security Policy Framework.

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8 June 20 10


Attorney -General, Robert McClelland, today launched the Australian Government ’s new Protective Security Policy Framework.

Protective security comprises the physical, personnel, information and proce dural measures that are put in place to safeguard Australia’s national security interests.

“The new policy creates a more effective protective security framework by streamlining practices in order to achieve better security outcomes as well as reduce red tape, increase efficiency, eliminate duplication and reduce costs,” Mr McClelland said.

“The current framework was developed when the business of Government wasn’t as diverse a s it is currently. In today’s security climate, Government and private sector partnership is essential and we need a system that can be tailored to the nature of the task, the identity of the parties and the relevant security issues considered. ”

The current Protective Security Manual (PSM) is over 250 pages in length and contains m ore than 400 different mandatory requirements.

“The new f ramework contains just 33 with a tiered framework consisting of a range of core standards, policies and guidelines - some to apply across the board, and others to be developed by and apply to spec ific agencies, taking into account their individual work and function. ”

Aside from these structural changes, there will also be key practical changes, including for example, the introduction of centralised and automated security clearances for all personn el security vetting.

“By eliminating the intensive paper -based clearance system, security verifications will be conducted in a more rigorous, reliable and consistent manner with less unnecessary duplication and complexity. ”

The entire framework will be published online with parts o f it made publicly available for the first time . This is particularly significant and will give greater transparency to the Australian Government’s security policy.

The Attorney launched the Framework while opening the 22 nd Security in Government Conference which brings together representatives from both the public and private sector to examine the current security environment and explore future threats.

More information about the new Protective Security Policy Framework is a vailable a t .

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