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30 things Minister Ruddock could do to mark his 30 years in Parliament.

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Nicola Roxon MP Shadow Minister for Population and Immigration Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on the Status of Women

30 things Minister Ruddock could do to mark his 30 years in Parliament

1. Immediately release all children from detention. 2. Stop spending public money on court cases arguing to keep children behind razor wire. 3. Urgently reassess all people in detention who have been there for more than 90 days, using a publicly accountable process.

4. Put Australia’s detention centres back in public hands. 5. Allow medical, media and appropriate community access to Australia’s detention centres. 6. Introduce sanctions against businesses and employers who use illegal workers to undercut Australian wages and conditions.


7. Introduce a Green Card for all non-citizens who have work rights. 8. Suspend returning people to Iran until their safety can be guaranteed. 9. Make public the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding between Australia and Iran. 10. Introduce a monitoring system in conjunction with international organisations for people

being returned to countries like Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. 11. Boost funding to UNHCR to provide more support to countries of first asylum. 12. Close immigration processing centres on Nauru and Manus Island. 13. Come clean to the Australian public about the full cost of the so-called “Pacific Solution”. 14. Set up an Australian Coastguard. 15. Abolish rolling Temporary Protection Visas and give people certainty about processing their

claims for asylum and protection (especially Iraqis and Afghans). 16. Stop dehumanising and demonising asylum seekers. 17. Introduce a special humanitarian visa category for the East Timorese. 18. Acknowledge the need for Australia to have a formal population policy. 19. Commit to developing a population policy that includes immigration as one part of that


20. Pursue more vigorously a policy that encourages new migrants to settle in regional Australia. 21. Introduce stronger laws, a new visa category, and better support for women victims of sex trafficking or sex slavery. 22. Set up a dedicated Australian Federal Police team to combat sex trafficking. 23. Make public the Berowra Federal Electorate Council fundraising records. 24. Come clean and advise how many people have made donations to the Liberal Party and the

Minister’s election campaign fund while their migration cases were being considered by the Minister. 25. Explain why he choses to dine and socialise with corporate fugitive Dante Tan, wanted Singapore National Jim Foo and convicted fraudster Bob Robertson. 26. Explain why his friend and travel agent Mr Kisrwani has a success rate two or three times

better than the Refugee Review Tribunal, in convincing the Minister to use his personal powers to grant a visa. 27. Explain the reasons for personally granting nearly 2,000 visas since being Minister using his secret, personal intervention powers. 28. Introduce public accountability into the system of Ministerial interventions. 29. Apologise for the part he played in the “children overboard” affair. 30. Remove his Amnesty badge, until the above items have been achieved.

22 September 2003 (25/03)

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