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Transcript of doorstop interview: Canberra: 26 August 2009: death of Ted Kennedy.

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26 August 2009 Transcript of doorstop interview Canberra 26 August 2009 Subject(s): Death of Ted Kennedy

JOURNALIST: Can we get your reactions to Ted Kennedy’s passing?

PM: Ted Kennedy was a great American, a great Democrat, but also a great friend of Australia. He has made an extraordinary contribution to American politics, an extraordinary contribution to America’s role in world.

When you look at Ted Kennedy’s legislative career - more than 40 years. When you look at the content of that legislative career spanning the whole breadth of public policy, health policy, social policy, foreign policy, this has been a unique career.

Ted Kennedy will be sadly missed in America. He will be sadly missed around the world, including in Australia.

JOURNALIST: You mentioned he was not only a friend of the world, but also Australia?

PM: Ted Kennedy was, in the Congress, a robust and continuing supporter of the alliance between the United States and Australia. Whatever the colour of the US administration, at any time, whatever the colour politically of the Australian Government at any time, Ted Kennedy was always a friend of Australia and the alliance and sought to use the opportunities available to him to build in the Congress an even broader constituency of support for that.

Also, on elements of our negotiations in other sensitive areas including elements of the trade negotiations, Ted Kennedy was also there to be consulted, to be supportive of Australia’s overall interests.