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Forestry Tasmania: any excuse will do.

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� � Christine Milne

$XVWUDOLDQ�6HQDWH Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

media release

Thursday 29 January 2009

Forestry Tasmania: Any excuse will do Forestry Tasmania has no interest and never has had any interest in participating in public fora regarding public reaction to its logging operations and to its appalling financial performance, Greens Senator Christine Milne said.

“It is laughable that Forestry Tasmania would use me as an excuse for not participating in a Wilderness Society forum. This is a case of any excuse will do.”

“The history of Forestry Tasmania and public fora is that their door is always open to any proposition that includes logging forests but never to any proposition that would see them protected.”

“In 1989 when the Tasmania Forest and Forest Industry Council met to try to resolve which areas would be logged and which would be saved, Forestry Tasmania insisted that the areas to be logged be identified before any discussion could take place regarding those areas to be saved. This was a breach of faith with the conservation movement and led to a breakdown in the talks.”

“When Premier Jim Bacon announced his Tasmania Together process in 1998 and the Tasmanian community responded with a loud no to ongoing logging, Forestry Tasmania and the Bacon Government immediately shifted the goalposts and dreamt up the idea of benchmarks so the community’s hopes for forest protection were once again dashed.”

“If Forestry Tasmania thinks the community is taken in by its sustainability charter and its ongoing talks at its own headquarters, then it is wrong.”

“While the rest of the world is in serious discussion about protecting the earth’s remaining native forests as carbon stores it’s pathetic that Forestry Tasmania doesn’t have the courage to front up to the Tasmanian community and hear what people really think.”

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