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No budget for single aged pensioners.

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Senator Sue Boyce Liberal - Queensland

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No Budget for Single Aged Pensioners

The Rudd Government’s first budget has delivered nothing for the pioneers of this country according to Senator Sue Boyce, Liberal Senator for Queensland.

“Single aged pensioners get no solace from this budget, and they get no money either,” Senator Boyce said.

“The Treasurer makes the claim that they will ‘enhance indexation of the age pension’. This means nothing to the single aged pensioner as they struggle to attend to daily living expenses.

“For the past 10 years, the Coalition Government has indexed the pension against CPI and the Male Total Average Weekly Earnings, whichever is higher so this Government is doing absolutely nothing for many thousands of pensioners living on meagre means.

“According to Departmental information, the new ABS index would have led to a small increase in the pension only once in the past nine years.”

Senator Boyce, a member of the Senate Community Affairs Committee, which investigated Cost of Living Pressures on Older Australians, has recommended that economic modelling be used to find the true cost of living for a pensioner.

“This budget gives no certainty to older Australians, and it does nothing to lessen the impact of increased grocery prices and increased fuel prices on age pensioners,” Senator Boyce said.

“It seems that unless you have children, you don’t count for a helping hand in the Rudd Government’s eyes.

“Single aged pensioners should feel cheated by the Rudd Labor government.”

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