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DPP mustn't go soft on corporate crooks.

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Media Release

Penny Wong Labor Senator for South Australia Shadow Minister for Employment and Workforce Participation, Corporate Governance and Responsibility

Monday 6 February 2006


New allegations that the DPP delays or fails to act on prosecuting corporate crime are of grave concern, Shadow Minister for Corporate Governance and Responsibility, Penny Wong said today.

"The DPP has a responsibility to assess and prosecute all reasonable cases brought before it, not cherry pick easy targets and put big time corporate crooks in the too-hard basket.

"If the DPP delays action on referrals from other agencies, this must be redressed.

"Prosecuting reasonable cases against all criminals is more important than the DPP meeting a target for successful prosecutions.

"The DPP cannot risk creating the perception that different people get different treatment.

"The Vizard case showed that the working relationship between the DPP and Australian Securities and Investment Commission was below par.

"After the Vizard fiasco, Labor called for the DPP and ASIC to rework their operational Memorandum of Understanding. This review has not yet been completed. Clearly, it must be completed without delay."

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