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Rocket-satellite experiments at Woomera

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R0CI -S_I.T: LLIT.:; : .RI_.L tTTS AT i'i00i,21 t1

(Statement by the linister for Supply, Senator Ken Anderson)

Five sounding rockets, desi3ned and built by the Department of

Supply's weapons iiesearc l establishment, have been fired at Woomera in the past

few days to coincide with passes of the funerican Nimbus satellite.

The LUnister for Supply, Senator Ken Anderson, said this in

Sydney today (July 25).

Three of the rockets, which will provide information on the

atmospheric temperature, winds and ozone content to a height of 4.0 miles,

coincided with the measurements taken by the satellite in the .t. Gambier-Uoomera-Darwin strip.

The satellite measurements covered cloud pictures and temperature

measurements by an infra-red technique.

One rocket carried e..periments desiLned by iiTti and the Physics

Department of the University of Adelaide to measure the solar radiation in the

ultra-violet and its absorption by the atuosphe:e.

From t1Zis experiment the molecular oxyGon and ozone profiles will be

determined in the height region of 35 to 65 miles.

The measurements of the solar ultra-violet radiation coming into

the atmosphere and determined by the rocket experiment will be compared with

measurements made at the same time by the satellite.

These experiments are part of a series being conducted at :roomera

to determine the structure of the upper atmosphere and to provide information

on the interaction between the upper and lower atmospheres.



The rocket-satellite upper-atmosphere research experiments' which

were pioneered by Wfl y are undertaken in co-operation viith the U.S. National

aeronautics and Space dr2inistration (Ni.Sli).

The measurements bein' made by the \\.00mera experiments are

supplemented by a notv;ork of bL.11oon soundings of the atmosphere by the

Bureau of i. eteorolo0y and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial

Research Organisation (CSIRO).

SYDIL-Y. Jul:,r 25, 1969 .