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New target drone for royal Australian navy

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No. 41.




(Statement by the T,Linister for Supply, Senator Ken ':nderson)

The IIinistor for Supply, Senator Ken Anderson, said in Sydney

today (.August 7) that work was about to begin on a small pilotless target

drone to meet a Royal Australian Havy requirement.

The Liinister said: "This drone, to be called Turena, will be

designed and developed by my Department's Government Aircraft Factories with

the assistance of Australian industry.

"Powered by a small gas-turbine engine, the drone will be

recoverable and capable of being launched from ships or land.

"It will be in service within two years and will provide GAP

and industry with a useful design and manufacturing workload."

Senator Anderson recalled that tho Australian-designed and

produced .pilotless target aircraft, Jindivik, had made a most successful entry

into the export market, with overseas sales worth some 20m.

.expressing confidence that Turana would also be sold to other

countries, the ivinister said: "There have already been expressions of interest

overseas, and these will be fostered.

"Turana will be very mach smaller and cheaper than Jindivik an!

will play a complementary role."

R.!1.Ii. gun crews and guided-weapon operators are given extensive

training using land-based simulators.




However, so as to keep ships' crews in a state of operational

readiness, live firings ni st be undertaken at sea from time to time.

These firings are carried out against small pilotless target

drones and tax-ets towed by aircraft.

The R.A.N. currently uses a small U.S. propeller-driven target

aircraft, and there is a requirement for a target with better performance

to sirulate more realistically attacks by modern fighter aircraft and missiles.

The new target will be based on existing techniques and on

experience gained in the desiLiz of the Ikara anti-submarine guided weapon

system. Turana can therefore be designed and produced relatively quickly.

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