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Major works for Kununurra

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Late ent I;

F, the [: ftr Civil Aviation

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and the .A. :i sister for I^urthe .1 D[; relc , zs-d:at,

! V. C., Ccus L

Kunuti irz'a airport in the toi th-',i st Cif e ern

Au2tralia viii be develo p ed .o ,j a4,zd a w a cot of $750,(00.

This era ar :otuic_d today be y the ^i inter Mil

!ivia ion, iii. . iii S-ia r tz and the 17et tern Australian inter for

the X;orth-west, 1'_ r . C.ii. Co; I t.

l.:u said the develo!1ent T,GuJG include a,ne t

terminal bu.0 Lii1g, ;un;i ay, c^.1` on and y s ` :i`+ citi/ t o mate tie air'poit,

it . Le for t._^e by d'k.:e ' a'e.' lcvship r2t3 jet aircraft.

The aerodrei e, ¶thich i uaae d l j h + j'21CLlaz Last

Kinberley Shire, ',v0l be the first F2C aerodromee :snvc lcpeG. in

Autitral a ender the Commonwealth Aerodrome hip Plan.

The ;7or':: will be jointly fina of d. by the CoLnro! calth

and Stage Govor. t:i and the Shire Council.

Itobert on M11er Aizlinez i expected. to start

F28 jet services ii J estern Australia 5^ithin the nett trio month.

Airport corks at icununurm -ill start iixao i wtel .

Sixty-four sealed Y:sy: here been c:?n3trLictec: j o1 tivr

by the Co^ono al h and local aat:xerLtie trouout A^,; vlip Ir.

the pact ten years. Under tii x edc6-1-al Go Tea an.mcnt t Local vopUp

Pl 1n, l ocal authorities are off E y ea ov;'nornni r of ct' OL TQ::." Z : er+1iAng

their tc'. '' and the Co i ion,;oalth sk^a' es the cvo10ument nd saintenanoe

costs equally ith -the local u y :X'.atit -.