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Domestic jet re-equipment

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(Statement by Minister for Civil Aviation -- Hon. R. W. Swartz )

The Comonwealth Government has approved the second stage of the

domestic airlines' jet re-equipment programme.

This will enable Trans-Australia Airlines and Ansett Airlines of Australia to go ahead with proposals to buy an extra Boeing 727 and six more DC,9 aircraft each.

Estimated cost to each airline is about $35,000,000 to 40,000,000.

The approval is subject to the Airlines being able to arrange finance on terms acceptable to the Government.

Announcing this today the Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr. R.W. Swartz, said that each Airline expected to receive the extra Boeing 727 in September, 1970.

Both T.&,&. and .f-A.A. expected to take delivery of the DC.9 ts in March and November 1970; in March, June and November, 1971; and in March, 1972.

When all the aircraft had been received the two Airlines would each have a fleet of eighteen pure jet airliners, comprising six Boeing 727's and twelve DC.9ts.

He added that the re-equipment programme would also enable the Airlines to phase out progressively the Viscounts and Electras still operating

by March 1971.

Mr. Swarts said that the delivery programme had been accelerated to enable the Airlines to cope with the rapidly expanding traffic on the major

competitive routes.

Also, to ensure that Australia's domestic airlines maintained their position as the equal in quality to any in the world.

Mr. Swartz added that the extra aircraft would also give the Airlines

a much greater capacity for freight.


Each airline has four Boeing 727 1s and expects its fifth in November 1969, and each airline has five DC.91s with the sixth expected in August, 1969.)

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