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Extra direct airline services to Hobart

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(Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr. R. W. Swartz)

Trans-Australia Airlines and Ansett Airlines of Australia will

operate four extra direct Melbourne/Hobart evening flights from June 1.

The airlines will also operate four extra direct Hobart / Melbourne

early morning services also from June 1.

The extra evening services will leave Melbourne on Monday,

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week and the early morning flights

will leave Hobart on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Each airline will operate two evening flights and two morning


The Minister for Civil Aviation, 'r. R. W. Swartz, announcing

this today said that the extra services would be for an initial period of

four months. The airlines would consult before September 30, to see

whether any further improvements in air services to Tasmania were possible.

He added that the extra evening flights were in addition to the

existing four direct Melbourne /Hobart flights - two by each airline - on Friday and Sunday evenings.

This meant that the direct Melbourne/Hobart evening flights

would be doubled.

Mr. Swartz said that while these now services would be of special

benefit to the people of Hobart he wanted to stress that airline services

between PMelbourne/Launceston would not deteriorate.

CAN EERA, 16th April 1969.