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Papua and New Guinea - Bougainville Copper Project

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Attached for the information of the Press

is a copy of a statement made in the House of Representatives tonight by the Minister for External Territories, the Hon. C.L. Barnes, H.P.

Department of External Territories, CANBERRA. A.C.T.

10 September 1969

r '


(Statement in the House of Representatives by the Minister for External Territories, the Hon. C.E. Barnes, M.P. on 10th September 1969)

Further to my statement of 21st August 1969,

regarding land requirements for the Bougainville copper

project, I now advise the House that negotiations between

the Papua and New Guinea Administration, Bougainville

Copper Pty Ltd and the Rorovana people of Bougainville

have reached an advanced stage including agreement by

the people to the use of the land concerned.

The main terms of the proposed agreement are

as follows g

(1) The owners of the Rorovana land to acknowledge

the validity of the 42 year lease for mining

purposes that has been granted over that land.

(2) Bougainville Copper .Pty Ltd to make an immediate

cash payment for the benefit of the owners of

^v37,000. This would include the first payment

of an annual fee of : 7 300. Each seven years

this fee would be reassessed and would then be

$7,000 per year or 5/,o of the then unimproved

value of the land, whichever is higher.

(3) The Rorovana land owners to be offered, through

trustees, 7,000 ordinary shares in Bougainville

Mining Ltd. at the issue price.

(4) The Company to relocate copra driers now on the

land and to replace tX,e buildings on the land

with new buildings of European materials.



The owners of the land to agree that the

lease may be renewed_ for up to a further

42 years but if the lease is renewed the

Company is to ar a further $30,000 to the


(6) Moneys to be paid under the agreement are to

be Daid to three trustees of whom two shall

be appointed by the owners and one by the

Administration. The trustdes will have the

responsibility of seeing to the correct

distribution of the moneys and of any shares

which are taken up.

(7) Arrangements to be made to enable each of the

owners to indicate his individual interest in

the land. The Company to have the right of

immediate occupation of the land and the

right to do whatever is necessary with it as

soon as the interests of the owners have been


The area of Rorovana land required is now

established by survey to be approximately 140 acres.

This represents nearly 10 of the total Rorovana land

and includes some of their best agricultural land.

The Administration has reviewed the land requirements

for the copper project and other pooiible Administration

needs and has agreed not to acquire any further Rorovana

land without the consent of the owners.


Negotiations will be undertaken in due course

with the Brava people of Bougainville to buy land next

to krawa Plantation which, as I have already told the

House, has been bought by the kdministrationa This

land is rsquired for the site of the coastal town

a isociated with the mining project.