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Rudd snubs Weipa.

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MEDIA RELEASE  Senator the Hon Ian Macdonald Liberal - Queensland Opposition  Spokesman on Northern Australia Parliamentary Secretary for the North  



Opposition Spokesman for Northern Australia, Senator Ian Macdonald, has criticised the Prime Minister for snubbing Weipa Town Authority by not inviting them to the recent Mayors Meeting in Canberra and not providing Weipa with an Infrastructure Grant like all other Local Authorities received. “I was surprised to hear recently that Weipa Town Authority was not invited to Mr Rudd’s Mayors meeting and was not given an Infrastructure Grant,” Senator Macdonald said. “Although Weipa Town Authority has a slightly different structure to other councils, its citizens pay taxes to the Federal Government, and property rates, and the authority is responsible for the provision of all the same services and facilities that other rural councils provide.” “Why does Mr Rudd think that the people of Weipa are lesser people than those in Brisbane, Sydney or Cairns? Why are they discriminated against by not providing them with an Infrastructure Grant?” “Weipa Town Authority has wanted to build a skate park for local youth for some time. It is very important that young people in remote places such as Weipa have recreational facilities. The $100,000 that other North-West councils received would have gone a long way to making this happen.” “I call on Mr Rudd to pick up the phone and call the Chair of Weipa Town Authority and offer to provide Weipa with an Infrastructure Grant on the same terms as other Councils. It is only fair,” Senator Macdonald said. “I have written to the Prime Minister pleading the case for Weipa. I would hope the local State and Federal Members might join my crusade.” 2 December 2008 Ends…..Media Contact Troy Reeves 0427 960 255