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Protect Devilbend - Hunt.

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Thursday, 16 June 2005

“I call on the State Government to protect Devilbend Reservoir from housing development and to safeguard it as public land for everyone to enjoy,” said Greg Hunt MP, Federal Member for Flinders.

Mr Hunt has written to the State Government stating that Devilbend shows rare and outstanding potential as both a wildlife habitat and recreation reserve.

“I was extremely alarmed to read that the State Government has failed to rule out subdividing public land at Devilbend Reservoir and in particular that Mr Thwaites claims that for him this was, ‘a really difficult issue,’ said Mr Hunt.

“This is not a difficult issue at all and it would be a great shame to the Peninsula and to the State as a whole if this wonderful piece of public land were squandered to make way for yet another revenue raising housing development.”

“All of Devilbend should be preserved as public land for everyone to enjoy, just as the former Defence land at Point Nepean has been gifted by the Commonwealth.”

“Locking the community out of any part of Devilbend is wrong and I have called on the Bracks Government to urgently rule out any form of housing development on this wonderful piece of public land.

“The preservation of Point Nepean as a public park and availability of funding to clean up Gunnamatta Beach, clearly demonstrates that the Commonwealth is playing its part for the local environment. Now it is time for the State Government to do likewise by taking action to preserve all of Devil Bend for the community to enjoy for all time.”

“This is a simple, clear cut decision and I will do everything in my power to convince the State Government to do the right thing and put sound long term planning and well thought out public policy ahead of short term revenue raising ventures, such as the carving up of valuable public open space at Devilbend Reservoir for a housing development.”