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Government maritime security: talk is cheap - so is its plan.

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Media Release

Hon Arch Bevis MP Federal Member for Brisbane Shadow Minister for Homeland Security, Aviation and Transport Security

11 August 2005


The Howard Government is planning to get its maritime security on the cheap, according to Shadow Minister for Homeland Security Arch Bevis.

Mr Bevis said: “A key element in making our ports safer from terrorism is the issuing of the Maritime Security Identification Card. But after an initial phase-in period, the Government intends to hand over the issuing of this card to other bodies - just to save money.

“Those other bodies, mainly employers in the waterfront industry, do not wish to become issuing bodies sifting through sensitive material about potential employees.

“In fact, both unions and employers are united in their view that the Department of Transport should continue as the issuing body after the initial roll-out.”

Mr Bevis added: “The Government will have no credibility in maritime security if it abandons its role as the issuing body for the security card.

“The Government’s public relations spin will not make our ports safer. Talk is cheap. So is abandoning the key role in issuing the Maritime Security Identification Cards.”

11th August, 2005

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