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Minister Moore's efficiency report.

Minister Moore's Efficiency Report


Stephen Martin - Shadow Minister for Defence


Media Statement - 24 March 2000


The Shadow Minister for Defence, Stephen Martin, today revealed that despite numerous positive statements by the Minister for Defence about his progress in forcing departmental management efficiencies, his score is none out of ten.


Mr Martin said he had recently received information that clearly demonstrates that taxpayers' funds are still being spent in a manner that could only be characterised as wasteful or dubious.


"I am able to reveal that:


• Defence accepted a commercial bid some $8 million greater, over five years, than an in-house bid when commercialising garrison support on the NSW south coast.

• Losses due to fraud and theft were determined at $1.884m for 1998/99 and $1.053m for the first half of 1999/2000.

• Defence paid the Phillips Group $207,000 to provide a communications strategy on personnel issues, despite having one of the largest public affairs units in the country.

• Defence wrote off bad debts during 1998/99 of $101,843.49.

• A trip to the United States by Defence officials to investigate the Kidd Class destroyers cost taxpayers $83,835, despite the Minister having stated that it was Government policy not to buy second hand US ships. Defence officials are now undertaking a second expensive trip, but have been instructed by the Minister not to actually look at the ships.

• The Department paid Jane Hart Consulting $67,872 for a 360 degree appraisal of 21 two-star appointees to aid in their personal development.


"John Moore has continually stressed the need for management efficiency in Defence to improve, and continually acclaims his feats in directing more resources to the sharp end.


"If this is his notion of running an efficient organisation, then I would hate to see what would happen if he took his eye off the ball. It's time for the Minister to accept that he is simply just not up to the job and go," Mr Martin said.


Authorised by Gary Gray, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.